Focus Intensity Training



A Shawn Phillips Innovation


Focus Intensity Training (or FIT) is a fully integrated weight training methodology for strengthening both your body and mind, together. Your physical body is strengthened through a variety of appropriately suited training exercises. Your mind is strengthened through building the ability to flexibly adapt mental focus throughout each workout as well as training your mind’s ability to manage a wide range of energy levels ranging from deep relaxation to extreme intensity. By intentionally training both your mind and body, the focus and intensity of strength training can be radically changed and along with it your experience of training. As you’ll learn with FIT as you incorporate it’s principles into your life, this novel approach to training offers you:

  1. 1.An Evolving Sense of Integrated Wellness

  2. 2.Deeply Enjoyable Training States to Facilitate Performance Excellence

  3. 3.Leading Edge Exercise Training Instruction

  4. 4.Strength and Conditioning Education Integrated Into Your Human Development

  5. 5.A New Level of Personal Excellence in All Areas of Your Life


Developing Your Human Potential

Your Optimum Benefit Zone

Discover your own level of personal excellence by training your body and mind to go beyond previous limitations.